Friday Forum: What Does New England Need To Know About Making D-B  Successful?

Join Friday Forum to discuss how multiple design-build methods are being used by FDOT to implement highly complex projects along Florida’s most congested corridors and how the engineering and contracting community are making this a success!

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Learn about the benefits of joining a community of your colleagues in Design Build.



2023 Awards Winner – Gold Highway and Infrastructure: AECOM & C.H Nickerson

Project Name: Woonsocket Water Treatment Plant 
Owner: City of Woonsocket
Contractor: AECOM & C.H. Nickerson, A Joint Venture 
Lead Designer: AECOM
Major Participants: City of Woonsocket, AECOM, C.H. Nickerson, CDM Smith, RIDEM, RIDOH 

2023 Awards Winner – Gold Building Construction: Bowdoin Construction Corp.

Project Name: Boston Analytical – Lab / Office Expansion
Owner: Boston Analytical
Contractor: Bowdoin Construction Corp.
Lead Designer: Ci Design 

2023 Award Winner – Silver Building Construction: Connolly Brothers Inc.

Project Name: New England Academy (South Shore Campus)
Owner: New England Academy
Design-Builder: Connolly Brothers, Inc.
Lead Designer: Connolly Brothers, Inc.
Major Participants: BLW Engineers; JSN Associates, LLC; Stenbeck & Taylor, Inc.

2023 Awards Winner – Silver Building Construction : Dacon Corporation

Project Name: Monogram Foods
Owner: Paradigm Properties
Design-Builder: Dacon Corporation
Lead Designer: PDA Incorporated